6 Classroom Labels – Red Polka Dots


Red Polka Dot Editable Labels – Great as Labels or Flashcards

Classroom Labels 

Editable & Free

Red Polka Dot Editable Labels
Red Polka Dot Editable Labels

Classroom Labels – Editable Free:

Improve your classroom organization with these printable and editable classroom labels and signs. We offer a wide variety of polka dot signs, name tags & labels to provide a splash of color in your classroom while also helping you and your students make sure everything is returned to where it belongs.

All Free Downloads:

Each sheet of labels is free to download. And, even better, you can edit the text on the label in Google Slides. If you’d prefer, you can also print out the blank labels and write on them in your best ‘teacher writing’.

Possible Label Uses:

These free classroom editable labels are versatile. You’ll find numerous applications for them in a classroom. They can be used to label drawers, student materials, student desks, book bins, learning center tables, coat hooks, subject folders and so much more.

Everything in Its Place:

When your room is neatly organized with labels designating where everything belongs, it will encourage students to return items where they go. One huge benefit of these labels is it makes the life of a substitute teacher so much easier. They will be able to find everything easily and at the end of the day, the room will be well organized. Disaster averted 🙂 

Improved Lesson Flow:

An organized classroom will also help your lessons flow more smoothly. You won’t have to stop your lesson to look for something you need to continue instruction. Additionally, if you are working with a small group of students, the rest of the students in the classroom will be able to independently gather the materials they need to do their work without interrupting your lesson.

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